Braedon #14

  I think that restaurants and fast food places should stop using plastic straws because the polluting the ocean The amount of rubbish and trash they are in the ocean right now is unbelievable I mean have you seen the video with the turtle they had to pull a straw out of his nose and so many turtles are dying by eating plastic bags thinking the plastic bag is a jellyfish 70.6 billion pounds of  rubbish are found in the oceans each year there is 57000 Blue whales combined I think they should have paper straws because they dissolve quicker.

Danielle - #14

   We can stop climate change! Instead of using plastic bags or paper  bags start using these they are  really strong and they are reusable  they could probably hold like 10 rocks in one bag. I have 3 reasons why these bags are really good and why you should get them. 1st they aren't made out of trees 2nd they aren't plastic or paper 3rd they have pictures on them and they look cool. so for a small way of making a difference because the world needs improvements so we start with little things it's only the little things the count

Matthew Challenge Number 8

  Everyday I walk by a Factory, it would puff out black and grey smoke clouds non stop for hours on end. Today I saw the Factory on the Television. Lots and lots of people were protesting and yelling how bad it is to the environment, “Think of the future our children may have if we keep polluting the world with smoke!” s aid someone from the crowd. I had no idea why they wanted the factory to shut down b ut the only thing I could hear in my head over and over was: But does it make any difference to me?

Clemente Climate Challenge Number 8

  Mum, where are you? ”I am scared” screamed my sisters. She was so scared of hurricanes. I went to her and said “it's only a little wind, we are not going to die”. Suddenly the  floor started flooding, so I went  to play in my room because does it make any difference to me? No It doesn't because I like water so I was having a really fun time. When the windows broke it was even better because there was a lot of stuff flying around. My mum was freaking out. My sisters were scared but I was having fun.

Adam Climate Change Challenge Number 8

  “But does it make any difference to me?” My apologies for my rudeness, but I just do not get nor understand why we should learn about history when the subject is  just a big event from hundreds of years ago.  Like it's literally in the name, HISTORY, meaning that its history, been and gone years ago, so why should we learn about it?  Although, even though it is a boring subject, I guess it kind of helps us to understand what the world was like years ago, before all this climate change, global warming, and world wide problems were introduced.

Noah M Climate Change Challenge Number 8

  But does it make any difference to me? You ask that, knowing thousands of people and animals die daily due to climate change and pollution. How could you not make a difference! You could help change the world! I certainly know how you today could help change the world and get rid of pollution. When you walk by a trash can and see trash around just pick it up, it isn’t that hard. Or today you don’t have to take a car to work or school, you could take a bike. That's how you could make a difference to it!

Arlo - Challenge Number 8

  It was just after six pm. I jumped on the couch and pressed the button on the TV remote to turn on the TV. I watched a news reporter talking about a city that had just had a big Tsunami. She was talking about how climate change had a big influence on the cause of this. I heard her say ” this has been happening all around the world and meteorologists expect it to happen more”. I then thought to myself “But does it make any difference to me?” She finished up by saying “ this is Suzie Norton, 7 News live”