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Althea #4 (22)

  I sighed quietly as we walked on the dried river bed, thinking about how animals would feel without any water. I decided to speak up, “How would you feel if you were an animal without any water?”.  They all looked at me confused as to why I would randomly ask a question like that, “I feel like I would faint, to be honest”, one of my friends spoke while shrugging her shoulders, looking down on the cracks of the river bed.  They all nodded in agreement to her statement.  “Right? I have never seen a river bed so dry. ”

Clemente #4 (22)

  Once I was with my family in Chile but it was so dry that my grandpa could not water any of his plants. We went to check on the little pond but nothing. There wasn't even a little drop of water. We went to check on the river but it was dry, in fact, I have never seen the river bed so dry. My grandpa was starting to freak out but I told him not to worry because I checked the weather report and it said that it was going to rain tomorrow. My grandpa calmed down and said “thanks”.

Kiko Ciron Week #4 (22)

The heat in the class was like the breath of Satan himself. Blazing hot. Last night, the news said there were wildfires spreading to the forests. After what seemed like an eternity and a half, the bell rang and we all dashed out of the school gates. Half of the school population was heading to the same destination. The river! The river is the only source of water in the area. Pipes lead to every house in town. When we got there, the water wasn’t blue.  Or brown.  Or gray.  Just nothing. I have never seen the riverbed so dry.