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Danielle #4 (22)

Hi, so yesterday I was at the river right and I was dying to walk along the water because it was so hot I thought I was gonna die! I finally got there. What!? There was no water anywhere. I have never seen the river bed so dry... It was as if the North Pole had melted, it was all water but this was all sand, and dead fish, smelly dead fish. So I thought , 'Well I better go home now then'. I got home and I went outside and I squirted the hose on myself in disappointment.

Audric #4 (22)

My family and I love to go for walks around Ashburton. We walked down to the Ashburton River one day when the temperature was around 37 degrees. It was one of the hottest days of the year so far, but days like that have been happening way more often these days. As we walked up we saw a huge crowd of people gasping on the bridge. When I looked down at the river, I couldn’t believe my eyes, the river bed was cracked and had no water in it. I’ve never seen the river bed so dry in my life...