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The clever elephant - by Meliame

As the people were seated, their faces were p ainted with excitement when they saw the elephant show one of his tricks. The large elephant really impressed the audience. During the circus a young girl suddenly popped out of nowhere and in her hands she was carrying a beautiful long violin. The audience were so confused as to why this young girl, from out of nowhere appeared holding the interesting violin. The people asked if she would like to play the v iolin while the show continued, she answered ‘yes’ and so the show continued with violin girl and the Circus Elephant.

The Circus - By Angus

  One evening my dad said, ‘Do you want to go to the circus?’  So I decided to say, ‘yes’.  Dad started the family car and off we zoomed. We got there when the show was about to start. I saw an elephant getting painted purple for some reason, and a funny clown came racing out on a bike; he was also playing the violin. The purple elephant came running out next. Then it was finally over. Everybody went home feeling happy, it was really cool. There was a big smile on my face for the rest of the trip home.

The Circus - By Althea

The circus started. The people entered with great excitement as they prepared to catch the sight of the purple elephant dancing around like a discoball. Siblings unexpectedly walked formally into the ring while holding a painted violin in their hands. Just as people started to wonder why there were two people with violins, they got interrupted by the calming sound of a lively instrument; it softly whistled throughout the tent. Suddenly, two pairs of elephants started smoothly dancing around with the beat of the mini cello. Clapping of the audience was heard, everyone’s eyes were like stars that were glistening with amazement.

The Purple Painting - By Clemente

Once upon a time there was a purple elephant that was playing the violin. He looked really happy but the thing is that he was painted on a wall. I really wish that he was alive because he was really attractive to everybody. But at night, where nobody sees, he comes alive and goes back onto the wall when people start coming out of their homes. The reason he comes alive at night is because he is really shy and doesn't like being with other people. Poor elephant, he is always alone, everybody likes being by him on the wall.

The Frog named Elephant. By Arlo

Someone painted the sky a light shade of purple, of course this was unusual. Not because the sky is usually blue but because it is usually some shade of green. Unfortunately there was only one vertebrate who knew what happened and he was a happy frog named elephant. It was the frog's job to wake up earlier than everyone else and paint the sky green. He knew how to play the opposite of a violin which is a saxophone. The frog painted the ground blue and the sky green, but today was different, today he painted the sky purple.

The circus - By Joe

Once upon a time there was a circus, and in that circus there was a rare elephant that happened to be purple. The circus was making a lot of money off that elephant but when a company said that they would pay $200,000 for it they said, "Yes". But secretly they painted one of their other elephants purple that could play a violin. The circus was happy that they got to keep their prize possession, their elephant. The crowd who came to the circus every night were so happy their favourite purple elephant was safe, but not of long…

The Zoo Animals - By Jacob

  “Hello, this is zookeeper Al, and I am zookeeper Bob, and we will be your guides today.” Said Zookeeper Bob.  “We will start our tour shortly, and by that I mean right now!” said zookeeper Al. “Our first attraction will be the spider, everyone sees those so let's move onto the next animal,” said Zookeeper  Al.  We also saw a snake, a rat (eww),  a monkey and a tiger. We all saw a lot of cool animals that day, a lot!  But the last animal was crazy. A happy purple elephant playing a violin while doing a painting, Really weird!

A famous elephant and a purple violin - By Roaness.

The crowd went wild as the elderly elephant came on stage. When the famous elephant came on stage in my little brain was busy wondering why he was so famous. T HEN …. he started playing lovely music that just wanted you to shake that little booty of yours; it was like harmony in the world that made peace. But his violin was weird, it was purple. A PURPLE VIOLIN? I was so happy to even come to the concert that I wanted to sing on stage with the elephant. But truthfully, why Mr. Elephants violin was painted is because…

The Amusement Park - By Haimish

Nine o'clock in the afternoon I heard about an opening amusement park in my town. I went walking tirelessly through a dark lit pathway whilst hearing screams in the distance. A dazzling glimmer of purple lights then presented itself whilst a big logo glowed saying “AMUSEMENT PARK”. I was so happy and excited to enter that I sprinted faster than you could say, 'LOOK OUT!' T here were so many things, a stage for a musical performance, figurines of painted elephants , rides, roller coasters, AND MORE! Suddenly everyone sprinted towards the performance stage as a man with a violin started playing.

The Savanna - By Noah

Vroom! The savanna is an amazing place but also deadly, there are shuncalunps and shubbavaps that could swallow you whole. It's been going well so far, we saw an elephant that was painted purple. I was thinking about going back home when a raincloud rolled above us and from there everything went downhill; one of tyres popped, the windows shattered. After that one of our group members played on his violin to make everyone energized and happy when suddenly we saw the legendary shuart-vein running along the savanna.  Quickly we  took a photo of it, finally ready to return home.

The Talent Tournament - By Nixie

When the members of the band arrived at school that morning, they noticed a bunch of happy, excited people surrounding the notice board.  ‘The talent tournament is here.  To participate - contact me. Be aware, all winners will win a prize’.   Looking at one another the band members agreed to sign up. After registering they went over to the music room, wondering what their theme should be. Suddenly someone shouted loudly,“WE SHOULD DO AN ELEPHANT THEME!”  “No Noya” everyone groaned. They decided to do classical music with purple painted instruments, and the special violin; they all knew they would win!

The Old Violin - By Pearl

  “HELP” I screamed, as I fell in a hole and landed on a violin. I picked up the old, dusty and broken violin, it was painted chocolate brown. I started panting, my heart was racing, my blood turned cold. Everything went purple then there were big thumps, the ground shock. It was coming closer and closer as a figure appeared out of the purple light it. It was an elephant. There was loud screaming and people singing happy songs, people surrounded me, they started dancing around me, repeating, “she is the chosen one.” I am the what, the chosen one?

My Crazy Pet - By Audric

I don’t know what type of animal you have as a pet, whether it's a fluffy dog, or a tiny, golden fish. But I guarantee you that you don’t have a pet as crazy as mine. What would you say if I told you that I had a purple painted, wrinkly old elephant named Derek. All Derek does is eat grass, but for some weird reason, he likes to chew on plastic as well. Derek always looks sad, apart from when I play my violin to him. He dances around like a crazy chicken when I play his favourite song!

Painting - by Harriett

The purple elephant sat on the rock thinking about what he could do today. He thought, 'I am going to find my paint supplies'. As he was looking in the storage room he saw a bow and thought, 'why is that there?' So he picked it up and noticed below that was a violin. He picked that up and under that was his painting supplies. He sat back on his rock and painted the violin. Then the purple elephant with a painted violin was very happy but he said out loud, "I don't know how to play the violin!"      

The Dark Night of Sound - By Matthew

  I don’t know if it's just me, but that night when I escaped from my sorrows was the best moment of my life. It was an abnormally dark night,  I was feeling fatigued and stale.  I decided to look into the basement and found a  dirty and old violin. I wiped it clean and saw that it was bright purple with a tint of blue. The bow was made of wood and was fairy blue in color. I played the violin but as I expected, the violin sounded like an elephant’s nose was blocked. But it still made me happy!

A Masterpiece - By Kiko

  I rushed in the comfort of my home and slammed the door. The complete downpour was flooding the garden that I took two weeks to plant. Great. Marching up the stairs with my scraped, muddy shoes, I had an idea. Painting. It’s the only thing that makes me happy . I don’t see the world as many others do. I’m an artist. I painted whatever I visualised. An elephant . A violin . An elephant dancing with a violin. An elephant playing a violin. As I reached for the purple paint, my brush danced across the canvas. Yet another masterpiece was complete. Yay.

The Purple Busking Elephant - By Adam

  So there I was, sitting on the dirty sidewalk, and what did I see? A PURPLE ELEPHANT playing an antique violin, busking! I thought I was going crazy.  There was no way that a purple elephant was even a thing. Even if there was, it would NOT play the violin!  However, I am a professional painter, and my job makes me happy so I painted a picture of the purple elephant.  That very picture changed my life forever! It was a sellout in my gallery, even the museum wanted the original copy. That purple violin playing elephant changed my life.