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Tom Week #38

  Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!  “Breaking news last night the police found a body lying on the side of a cliff where his car had been smashed and destroyed. Our theory is that the man pulled the brakes too hard and wasn't wearing his seat belt. We think he fell down the cliff and has been there since.  What we're saying is this road will be closed for a while. Find out more at 7.”

Roaness Fata-Sale

  “WE CAN DO THIS GUYS” as I heard the students shout out as it was a tough game versing the 5 and 6’s,We all gathered the year 7 and 8’s to teach the other Kea team that they didn’t have a chance for they were to little,when the word went around the school they got furious and wanted to challenge us with a tug of war,we soon took the challenge and then the whole crowd were yelling,”I’M TRYING TO HOLD ON,” he shouted for we were tired but we had to pull harder. Eventually we won.

Adam Week #38

  “I’m trying to hold on”! “I don't want to die”! You may be wondering why I am screaming. I am screaming because I have to hold on to a branch the same size as my arm or else I am going to fall into an angry pack of WOLVES! I have to pull myself across a 28 metre gap, all by myself. My Mum, dad, and both my sisters have done it already so all pressure and eyes are on me. I slowly think to myself, you can do it, it's not that hard... just one metre at a time.

Kiko Week #38

  I heard the yells of my friend trying to stay on the boat. “Don’t let go!” I shouted. I was on a boat with my friend. We were relaxing until it came. We weren’t sure about it, so we got a fishing rod and cast out our lines. First, our rods were pulled in. We held on for our lives. A few minutes later, half our boat went down. Splinters were flung everywhere. We still held on. “I’m trying to hold on!” he shouted.  A few hours later, we were able to pull it up. A single crusty boot. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Braedon Week #38

  “I'm trying to hold on”, he shouted. “Help I'm holding on with dear life. If I fall I'm calling my lawyer. Let me tell you, he is very scary  and fluffy. “Look I'm not scared of Mr Fluffy Bum okay”.  “You should be”, my dog Wally said.  He was clenching  on to the couchIs lucky mum was at home So many scratches on the couch.  I told him to let go but he wouldn't. So I went to talk to him for over 2 hours But he still wouldn't budge.You know what I did? I pushed him off the couch.

Althea Agacer Week #38

  It was the time of new year. Everyone started counting down waiting for the fireworks to flicker, after greeting his family. The boy had to excuse himself remembering he had homework to do. Sprinting to his apartment, he looked out the window to see a pretty view. He stands on the balcony chair catching sight of the bridge until the wind makes him lose his balance. He leaned and slipped on the chair but was caught by his friend, “HOLD TIGHTLY!” his friend howls, … “I’m trying to hold on,” He shouted with the hint of fear in his voice. 

Arlo Parsons Week # 38

  This is the story of a Banana and Monkey. The name of the Banana was Fred and the name of the Monkey was Bigfoot. One day while Fred was sitting with some other bananas in the forest a gigantic, hairy, beast, more than ten times the size of him came along and picked him up. His name was Bigfoot. “No, Fred screamed in confusion”. What is happening? “Yay, I got a ripe one,'' Bigfoot said. “I am trying to hold on,’ he shouted to his other monkey friends. This banana is tricky to get because he’s trying to get away!

Pearl Arrowsmith Week #38

  He was on the edge of a vertical cliff holding on to the climbing rope, salty tears dripping down his face.  “I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted in terror.  The rope was holding onto his weight by a string but then, the impossible happened, the string broke. His voice shook as he screamed. A tear dropped down from my face,  “He’s gone,” I whispered under my breath.  I struggled to pick myself up from the shingle but eventually I stood and accepted he was gone. I stood looking down...I turned ready to move away and there he was.

Audric Chai. Week #38

  Max clung onto the edge of the rocky cliff staring down at the flowing river rushing through the grand canyon. “I’m trying to hold on!” he shouted as I quickly pulled the rope back up and tied it together as fast as my hands could move. Me and Max were on a trip down the grand canyon to measure the size for a scientific breakthrough. Due to an accident, Max was hanging onto the side of the cliff calling for help. “Hold on!” I exclaimed. “I’m fi-!” he got cut off as he fell into the pit screaming in despair…

Nixie De Vera Week # 38

  He didn’t want to die yet but it felt like he was going to “I’m trying to hold on” he shouted.  The others were trying to kill the demons; they couldn’t bear their friend suffering the wrath of Muzan the master demon. Before all of this happened they were all training really hard.They all were training really hard but sadly they all got attacked by the upper 5 demons but no one knew what would happen to Tanjiro soon after they got to Tanjiro they all looked shocked. Tanjiro was lying in the snow and him as a demon.

Gian Ramos Week #38

  There once lived 3 siblings. Gian the smart one is the youngest, Kenneth the cheeky one is the middle child and Nathaniel, the calm one; is the oldest. On a good summer afternoon they went out for a walk in the suburbs to go buy some sweets in the dairy shop. While they were walking they felt a movement of the ground shaking. They hurried back to their house, when they entered the door the decoration items all fell on the ground so they all hurried under the table.  Gian shouted, hold on Kenneth!  "I'm trying to hold on," he shouted.

Noah Cassineri Week #38

  ‘There's an outbreak in cell 682!’ someone screamed.  682 has the worst prisoner, Fluffy the dog. After I realised this all hell broke loose, there were people shouting and frantically running around. ‘Get him!’  ‘I can’t see him!’  ‘There he is!, wait, that's a shoe’.  Then I came to it and said, ‘everyone shut up!’ and once everyone quieted down I said, ‘we need people to find the way he escaped and fix it. We also need a group to go and find him. So let's find this prisoner.’ Then someone got him ‘I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted…