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Matthew Challenge Number 8

  Everyday I walk by a Factory, it would puff out black and grey smoke clouds non stop for hours on end. Today I saw the Factory on the Television. Lots and lots of people were protesting and yelling how bad it is to the environment, “Think of the future our children may have if we keep polluting the world with smoke!” s aid someone from the crowd. I had no idea why they wanted the factory to shut down b ut the only thing I could hear in my head over and over was: But does it make any difference to me?

Clemente Climate Challenge Number 8

  Mum, where are you? ”I am scared” screamed my sisters. She was so scared of hurricanes. I went to her and said “it's only a little wind, we are not going to die”. Suddenly the  floor started flooding, so I went  to play in my room because does it make any difference to me? No It doesn't because I like water so I was having a really fun time. When the windows broke it was even better because there was a lot of stuff flying around. My mum was freaking out. My sisters were scared but I was having fun.

Adam Climate Change Challenge Number 8

  “But does it make any difference to me?” My apologies for my rudeness, but I just do not get nor understand why we should learn about history when the subject is  just a big event from hundreds of years ago.  Like it's literally in the name, HISTORY, meaning that its history, been and gone years ago, so why should we learn about it?  Although, even though it is a boring subject, I guess it kind of helps us to understand what the world was like years ago, before all this climate change, global warming, and world wide problems were introduced.

Noah M Climate Change Challenge Number 8

  But does it make any difference to me? You ask that, knowing thousands of people and animals die daily due to climate change and pollution. How could you not make a difference! You could help change the world! I certainly know how you today could help change the world and get rid of pollution. When you walk by a trash can and see trash around just pick it up, it isn’t that hard. Or today you don’t have to take a car to work or school, you could take a bike. That's how you could make a difference to it!

Arlo - Challenge Number 8

  It was just after six pm. I jumped on the couch and pressed the button on the TV remote to turn on the TV. I watched a news reporter talking about a city that had just had a big Tsunami. She was talking about how climate change had a big influence on the cause of this. I heard her say ” this has been happening all around the world and meteorologists expect it to happen more”. I then thought to myself “But does it make any difference to me?” She finished up by saying “ this is Suzie Norton, 7 News live”

Jacob Climate Crisis Challenge Number 8

“But does it make any difference to me?” I asked my teacher. “Maybe not now, but when the time comes that global warming does stab us in the back it might.” She said confidently. “But scientists have discovered that global warming won’t seriously affect us for billions of years! Besides, I won't even be alive and I'm the youngest in the class!” I said. “It is so that you can tell your children, and your children can tell their children!” She explained. “Well, you do have a pretty good point, but that still doesn't mean that I agree with you!”  

Nixie - Climate Challenge Number 8

  I thought to myself “But does it make any difference to me?” I asked my Dad, he just ignored me and kept on telling me what would happen if people kept on throwing rubbish away on earth. Soon after he kissed my forehead and went away after turning off the lamp. When I heard him snoring I quickly got my books and my phone to learn about climate change, and survival. After a good 30 minutes I finally understood why climate change was so bad. In the morning I forgot that my dad had to go to work, oh well.

Gian - Climate Change Challenge #8

  On a hot afternoon my Dad turned on the TV to watch the news,he pressed the power button and the news was ready for him and it was about climate change and global warming. Antarctica’s ice caps are melting, people are littering everywhere, the days are hotter, what are humans doing to earth!” But does it make any difference to me?” Yes, if people don’t change it will be all over the world.  There are still good people around the world, they do  good things to the earth; they have a plan to make the world a better place.

Audric - Climate Change Challenge #8

  Stanford University is one of the biggest universities in its area. It also teaches climate change and climatology which I am studying. One of the very first questions I asked when arriving at Stanford University was ‘Does it make a difference to me?’. The answer is, yes. Yes it does. Infact, what I’ve learned over the past few years is that climate change affects everyone. Climate change is killing the environment, and soon it will start killing us. My job as a climatologist is to study climate change overtime, and help the world to stop doing things that affect it.