Audric Special prompt #5 (21)

 ‘Wow…’ I thought as I climbed the stairs up to the attic that my grandpa specifically said NOT to go up. I’m staying at my grandparents house this summer holiday and, well, so far it’s been extremely boring. That’s mostly because my grandparents have so many rules just because they're rich and have a mansion. Anyway, I decided I would be really annoying and go up the stairs anyway. Now I’m thinking this was a bad idea because if I get caught I’ll be told off real bad. As I walk up the stairs I can’t believe what I see...


  1. Hello Audric,

    Staying with grandparents can be very different to staying with your parents. They can have different rules perhaps one of your parents grew up with.
    Boredom can certainly lead to some rule breaking. You made me wonder what might have been seen up the stairs. There can be so many possibilities if the story were to continue. Well done.

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    1. Hello. I have been informed by my teacher that I have been noinated for the special prompt #5 of the 100 word challenge and was asked to collect my certifictate and blog badge by getting in touch with a member from the 100 word challenge team, so I wasn't so sure what to do, so I asked you. Thanks, Audric.

  2. You set the scene well and we can feel your enthusiasm for something different. Well done! Sandrine


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