Kiko Week #38

 I heard the yells of my friend trying to stay on the boat. “Don’t let go!” I shouted. I was on a boat with my friend. We were relaxing until it came. We weren’t sure about it, so we got a fishing rod and cast out our lines.

First, our rods were pulled in. We held on for our lives. A few minutes later, half our boat went down. Splinters were flung everywhere. We still held on.

“I’m trying to hold on!” he shouted. 

A few hours later, we were able to pull it up. A single crusty boot.



  1. Hi Kiko! That was quite a twist ending there. Receiving a boot where one expected a fish is always a classic. I like how you described the splinters exploding out as the boat was damaged. I thought that added a lot to the tension and action of the scene.

    Great work and keep writing!


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